Online Clearing Session with Joe Greenland

Fox Dreamer

When your clearing begins Joe will do a smudge and “connect” just let him take the lead and ask you questions at the beginning to be sure he is connected to your energy and not someone else. After you are in the session a bit it is always okay to ask questions, he does impart messages but know this is not a psychic reading. If what he is shown will help you, he will always share. When he asks you questions to what he is seeing or when he shares what he is seeing.... if it resonates with you or you know what it is he is seeing please share or acknowledge it. It helps to move the energy faster and allows things flow easier. It is letting your guides know that you are acknowledging that you are receiving the message.

We have noticed that there is sometimes an expectation that a clearing session will lay out a life path for an individual or give them a special "gift", this is not the case. A person can only hold onto or stay in the energy that they are tuned into or aligned with. So there is work that is needed from within the individual "where is your heart and mind aligned with?" A clearings session will help in bringing your attention to areas in your life that you need to look at and/or knowledge that needs to be learned and understood in order to go into that higher energy place. Definitely clearing sessions do assist in the souls journey but know the bigger the change that is desired by the individual and the willingness to do the work, more shifts will happen. 

If you believe that this is possible, all kinds of things can happen.

It really helps for Joe to be sure he is plugged into your energy when the session is done with live video either done via Skype or Zoom. When available Cindy will take notes for you while you receive your clearing or we will also record via Skype so you can be as present as possible during your session.

How best to prepare for a clearing...

First FEEL into WHY you want to experience a Clearing of your Energy.

A Personal Clearing is a great way to catapult your life forwards into a new experience of you.

Lots can happen so best to be as open minded as possible.

Important to align with a prayer/intention before the session. It helps Joe connect with your spirit guides, after all, it is them doing the work so we have to put them to work. (Once session is purchased you will receive a prayer to help you to align with the energies.)

Mahsi Cho (The Biggest Thank You)

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