30 & 50 minute Energy Clearing Sessions

Fox Dreamer

 A Personal Clearing is a great way to catapult your life forwards into a new experience of you.

If you believe that this is possible, all kinds of things can happen

How best to prepare for a clearing...

First FEEL into WHY you want to experience a Clearing of your Energy.

Lots can happen so best to be willing to receive and as open minded as possible.

Important to align with a prayer/intention before the session, giving your guides permission to help you in the biggest way possible. It helps Joe connect with your energy/spirit guides, after all, it is them doing the work so we have to put them to work. 

A recording of your Zoom session will be sent to you afterwards, be sure to download it for your records as soon as possible.

Mahsi Cho (The Biggest Thank You)

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