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Soapstone Carving Workshops

Soapstone Carving Workshop prices can vary depending on the group size and project please contact us for further information.

Joe teaching on using Smudge

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An Elder prayed for a full year to receive the sacred name given to Joe Greenland. Shonee Hamblay (phonetically pronounced) Fox Dreamer was the answer to this elder’s prayers and was translated by Spirit as “the ability to bring dreams into creation.”

Joe teaching on using Incense

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Intentions Incense are used for focused prayers and intents each bag contains 4 Sticks one of each, Rose (Love & Joy), Sandalwood (gift to Spirit), Lemongrass (clearing space),

Cedar-Sage (welcoming in the new). $2.00 each available at trade shows, personal sessions and Fox Dreamer Energy Centre.

Recommended Authors

  • Lobsang Rampa authored 20 pocket books - Teaches, opens and answers questions to esoteric knowledge through his experiences.
  • The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East - Teaches the possibilities that go beyond human perceptions.
  • Ramtha story by J.Z Knight - Teaches how Ramtha became a Universal Being.

Recommended Movies

  • Revolver
  • Revolver