Energy Clearing

Energy. Like the strongest of rivers it flows through everything, and it should do so with ease and fluidity. But just like a river, that flow of energy can be interrupted and redirected, changing its path or becoming blocked entirely. It doesn't have to be this way. Energy is boundless and travels as freely over the internet as it does through the air. During your Clearing we work to unblock your energy, allowing it to flow and help you heal.

Combining traditional First Nations' practice with eastern teachings, Fox Dreamer channels the gifts of the Earth's Grandmothers and Grandfathers as spirit guides to connect to your energy. During this union your pains are shared and their sources often revealed, offering you the way to clarity and understanding.

Your new awareness fosters an opening, allowing energy to once again flow naturally and create greater opportunities for healing, change, and reaching your most vital potential. Shifts in energy - both powerful and subtle - can occur following a Clearing with Fox Dreamer. Your greater presence will welcome the positive energy.

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Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring

There is so much to our life experience that it's often easy for us to become misdirected or lost. Fox Dreamer can help guide you towards clarity through guided conversation and deep listening. We can help you form new perspectives to questions and thoughts you bring to your session, and set you off with new support for your journey. Session length can vary between 60 and 90 minutes, according to your needs.

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Meditation is Channeling

Meditation is Channeling Group, is a safe space to go inside yourself and discover something big.

 - Learn about your own personal energy space and know how to feel safe and trust it.

 - Learn how to connect to Creator, Earth Mother & all the Spirit Beings that know you, love you and know your future.

 - Learn how to ASK of Creator, Earth Mother and of your Spirit Guides.

 - Learn how to and what it feels like to receive energy and answers.

 - Learn how to help others and stay in your own energy.

This is an interactive meditation that allows you to bring out your spiritual gifts and talents.  

It is our intention to bring knowledge and connection to those who desire CHANGE and GROWTH in themselves. When you heal or change old patterns inside yourself the world changes with you. It is through these internal shifts that we create a bigger and more beautiful future.

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