The length of a one-on-one session is approximately 2 hours. It begins with confirmation of booking time and location, be it an office space or client’s home. When Joe and his partner Cindy arrive, Joe begins blending a smudge mix which consists of a variety of herbs. Cindy will explain the procedure of a clearing and will be taking notes throughout the session on the client’s behalf. In this way, the client can just relax and be fully present with what is being channelled by Joe.

During the first hour Joe will smudge the client using his Eagle feather, a gift from a Medicine Man he assisted in healing.

The second half of the session approximately Joe will kneel in front of the client and place their feet on his lap. He holds the top of their feet, closes his eyes and begins to feel the blocked energies. Joe will share the movie-like images he sees in his mind’s eye and convey information as to why energy is blocked, perhaps causing the physical issues within the client.

This awareness usually brings an opening for the client through which energy can flow. This less obstructed flow of energy provides greater opportunity for the client to experience their healing, whatever that might entail.

Personal one on one clearings –  two hours for $200

Follow up only Clearings – 1 hour for $100

Real-Estate, Property & Business Clearings start at $200 and can vary depending on the size of the house or on the amount of energy that is stuck to it.

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NEW – Energy Clearing Massage

Cindy Edgson is offering Energy Clearing Massage Sessions.

Intuitive Massage sessions are 2 hours for $100 and includes:

- Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques to intuitively release muscle tension.

- Raindrop Therapy using essential oils to ground and settle energy.

- Rejuvenating, uplifting mini facial massage and Reflexology for internal organ health.

– Tea and conversation following treatment to allow space for the body to process before stepping back out into the world.

– Each session has a two hour window so there can be space for deep healing.

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Group gathers begin with Joe creating a smudge blend while Cindy checks in with the group around questions, observations and curiosities from the week.

This is a time of connection for the group and allows Joe time and space to clear energies on each member and call in spirit guides. Cindy then leads the group in a visualization that encourages both grounding and connection to infinite universal energy.

Once everyone is connected, each is given the focused attention of the group for approximately 3 minutes, during which time infinite universal energy is directed at them. The group is encouraged to remain neutral, sending only this pure universal energy, as opposed to honing in on or intruding upon anyone’s specific problems.

The meditation pauses halfway through the group for a 20-minute break then begins again for the last half of the group. To close the meditation, we do a healing pot in which we place friends and family and our personal intentions for wellness and healing.

We believe the Universe knows what is inside each persons heart and intent, that you receive what you put out there so we ask for a $20 donation for Meditation / Teaching classes.

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