Energy Clearing with Joe Greenland

I am very sensitive to energy, I am able to channel it, move it and clear it out of a persons space with the assistance of the Creator, Earth Mother & their Spirit Guides. 

I always begin by blending a smudge mix which consists of a variety of medicines asking permission, praying and calling in all the Grandmothers and Grandfathers (spirit beings that love you) to come in and assist me in the best way possible for the client.

There are a variety of ways the Universe can channel the message through me and I allow however it needs to come forwards to be as it is presented.

I share the movie-like images I see, the pains I may feel in my body and convey the information as to why energy is blocked in the way that is best for the client to understand.

After receiving an Energy Clearing and the messages, it brings an awareness that acts as an opening for the client through which energy can flow. Opening the flow of energy can provide greater opportunity for the client to experience their healing, to choose change and become more open to a greater potential future, whatever that might entail.

Cindy takes notes throughout the session on the client’s behalf as well she shares any insights that they might show her that will also help the client. In this way, the client can just relax and be fully present with what is being channeled and be able to reflect on the session at a later time.

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Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring with Cindy Edgson

I have been Joe’s life partner since 2011. Over the years I have been privy to BIG conversations as well as intense (sometimes very difficult) learning opportunities for self growth.

Even though today I still consider myself “Normal”, my “Normal” is considerably different than where I was back in 2011.

We are always learning, growing and evolving even when we cannot see it in the moment. There is a trust and a belief in something more or someone more than we are today. If you have this desire in you to discover more of yourself I can help you cut through the filters that are blocking you and open doors for new energy to come in to assist you in those discoveries.

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Meditation is Channeling

These groups are an interactive meditative channeling, an opportunity to explore and discover your own gifts & abilities in a safe space.

- Learn about your own personal Energy Space and know how to feel safe and trust it.

- Learn how and why to connect to Universal Energy (Creator of All That Is) in a very simple direct way.

- Learn how to ASK of Creator, Earth Mother and of your Spirit Guides.

- Learn how to RECEIVE energy and answers.

- Learn how to simply bless and help others and stay in your own energy.

It is our intentions to bring knowledge and connection to those who desire CHANGE and GROWTH in themselves. When you heal or change old patterns inside yourself the world changes with you. It is through these internal shifts that we create a bigger and more beautiful future.

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