I am very sensitive to energy and I am able to move it and clear it out of a persons space with the assistance of their guides. Energy knows no boundaries, no distance and can travel as fast as thought. 

A session with me all begins with confirmation of booking time and location, be it in office, clients space (home) or Skype.

I begin by praying and calling in all the grandmothers and grandfathers (spirit guides)  and I blend a smudge mix which consists of a variety of herbs and plants. Cindy takes notes throughout the session on the client’s behalf. In this way, the client can just relax and be fully present with what is being channeled.

I share the movie-like images I see, the pains I may feel in order to convey the information as to why energy is blocked, perhaps causing the physical issues within the client.

This awareness usually brings an opening for the client through which energy can flow. Opening the flow of energy can provide greater opportunity for the client to experience their healing, to choose change and become more open to a greater potential future, whatever that might entail.

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Intuitive Mentor / Coach

What to expect in an Intuitive Coaching session with Cindy Edgson

Sitting comfortably you are guided to connect inside yourself with your breath.

With a tea in hand, gently we flow in an intuitively guided conversation.

You will leave with tips, materials and new thoughts to support you on your journey into your biggest future potentials.

Sessions can vary in length 60 to 90 minutes

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Meditation / Energy Focus Group

It is our intentions to bring knowledge and connection to those who desire CHANGE and GROWTH in themselves. When you heal or change old patterns inside yourself the world changes with you. It is through these internal shifts that we create a bigger and more beautiful future.

At the beginning of the focus group Joe does a quick smudge for each participant, to remove any interference that might be blocking the individual from receiving the messages from their higher-self/Oversoul.

Once everyone is connected, each is given the focused attention of the group for approximately 3 minutes, during which time infinite universal energy is directed at them. The group is encouraged to remain neutral, sending only this pure universal energy, as opposed to honing in on or intruding upon anyone’s specific problems.

The meditation pauses halfway through the group for a 20-minute break then begins again for the last half of the group. To close the meditation, we do a healing pot in which we place friends and family and our personal intentions for wellness and healing.

We believe the Universe knows what is inside each persons heart and intent, that you receive what you put out there so we ask for a $20 donation for Meditation / Teaching classes.

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