Cindy Edgson – Intuitive Coach & Mentor

I would consider my life to be pretty text book ordinary, choosing to live the way my family and peers lived. My life changed rapidly when inside me I knew I could no longer continue that way of life and truly be happy, that’s when I CHOSE differently.

I would describe 2010 as being that year, the year when I aligned with my souls desire for more. Kicking things off with a 5 week journey to Peru, a divorce and a deeply powerful friendship with my mentor and now partner Joe Greenland, is when things rapidly started to shift and change for me.

It is with all that I have learned, asked and discovered that I will access and use to help others find their way to connect with their souls truth.

Honouring that we are each individuals having our own perceived struggles and interpretations of what our life looks like and is all about. It is my desire and intention to help others to see new possibilities for themselves and align with their souls true desire like I have experienced.

It is your life to live, your choice.