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What to expect from an Energy Clearing session...

When Joe “plugs in” to a persons energy for a session, it is their Guides and Angels that direct him to what the client needs that will help them in the best way. He does what he is guided to do and to share with the client. The more open and willing a person is to releasing and letting go the more that can happen for them. Sometimes the guides need a person to acknowledge pain in the body or a memory from their childhood in order for the energy to release from around them. You see, traumas in our past leave an imprint in our energy field which distorts any new energy that comes in. You want to release the old frequency and then fill that space with new higher vibrating energy. When this is done then you no longer need to attract the old patterns anymore and you can move forwards into your future with a greater sense of freedom. A session is a comfortable, casual space, not meditative. Joe is talking a lot by sharing information and asking questions it is part of the moving of energy.

Joe often says...

“The Universe will never take away anything you are not willing to let go of.”

“I don’t heal people, The Universe does. I am just the conduit they use.”

Fox Dreamer offers one on one sessions for those that are looking for change, change from the old ways of their past and a desire for new energy into their future.

The client sits in a chair and Joe stands beside them or walks around them waving the smudge with his Eagle Feather through their energy field.

How Joe senses energy is through Prayers, and his Guides, working with the tools of smudge (a blend of herbal medicines either burnt or in an essential oil diffuser), as well with the use of an Eagle Feather. The smudge is like a shower for your energy body cleaning away any debris that may be clinging to a person. The feather is like the loofah gathering up all the debris and then releasing it to the Universe to deal with from there. 

Joe’s partner Cindy (an Intuitive) works alongside him, taking notes for the client and contributing messages as needed for the IN PERSON sessions.

We hope this explanation helps you.

Mahsi Cho (The Biggest Thank You)