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Joe Greenland – Fox Dreamer

An Elder prayed for a full year to receive the sacred name given to Joe Greenland. Shonee Hamblay (phonetically pronounced) Fox Dreamer was the answer to this elder’s prayers and was translated by Spirit as “the ability to bring dreams into creation.”

Fox Dreamer offers Clearings that may unblock a path for these dreams to flow into ones daily life. During these clearing sessions, Joe sees, feels and hears what needs to be cleared in a person’s spiritual, mental and emotional space. This clearing process creates an opportunity for the Universe and the Soul to do the actual healings for his clients.

While in the client’s energy, Joe can receive valuable messages from the client’s spiritual guides. Joe is highly attuned to these guides and is a clear channel for what needs to be conveyed. These words can provide excellent clarity for clients as they move toward healing.

Shifts that are both powerful and subtle can happen following a session with Joe, if the recipient of a clearing is open and willing to invite change into their life.

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New – Energy Clearing Massage Sessions

Cindy Edgson is offering Energy Clearing Massage Sessions.

A intuitive massage session includes:

- Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques to intuitively release muscle tension.

- Raindrop Therapy using essential oils to ground and settle energy.

- Rejuvenating, uplifting facial massage and Reflexology for internal organ health.

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To teach inspirational change through creativity and wisdom. To nurture the discovery of self-awareness within the Great Mystery.

Our Vision

To bring awareness and change for a more conscious future.

Value Statement

Amidst Truth, Wisdom and Respect Fox Dreamer works with each unique souls journey to discover and bring in the changes for a more connected, conscious future.


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