About Fox Dreamer

There are times in life for all of us when we could use a little help. Whether we are dealing with trauma or an illness, injury or uncertainty, we often need someone or something to assist us to build connection and bring our dreams into creation.

Fox Dreamer is that connection, bridging the space that can sometimes form between us and the natural flow of energy. Steeped in traditional Native spirituality, Fox Dreamer is attuned to the messages available to you by channeling the power of your spirit guides. Once revealed, that power provides opportunity for the Universe and the Soul to begin the healing process. Clarity, presence and understanding are the gifts that are ready for us to receive, and Fox Dreamer is the conduit that can bring you there.

Joe Greenland

Originally from the Gwichin Indian Band of Aklavik in the Northwest Territories, I was raised by my grandfather, a man I highly respect as my greatest spiritual teacher.

Through both story and practice, he taught me the ways of our ancestral spirituality, and how Energy flows through everything around us. I also learned to ask questions of our greater being, and how to patiently listen for guidance and answers. Over the years I have combined the knowledge of my Native beliefs with the wisdom gained from experience and the study of worldwide spiritual practices. And with those strengths, I have worked to help others create pathways to their true becoming, fulfilling their spiritual roles in the grand scheme of the world. I share this knowledge through the art of storytelling, speaking from a place of truth, wisdom and purpose.

For those who are ready to be present and listen, we can remove the obstacles holding you back, allowing our universal Energy to flow as it should, encouraging healing and positive direction. We will develop an intentional connection with spirit, so you can wake to your own genius, becoming conscious-changing future creators. 

Cindy Edgson

I am Cindy Edgson, and I have been Joe's life and work partner since 2011. Over the years Joe and I have worked together to help others - and ourselves - triumph through BIG conversations, turning troubled times into learning opportunities for growth and empowerment. My own development through this time has been astronomical as we delve into both the challenges and blessings others bring to our table. We are always learning and growing, even when we aren't aware of it occurring. There is a trust and a belief in becoming more than what we are today. If you recognize in yourself the desire to discover more of who you are, my work can help you work through the filters that might be blocking your growth. We can open doors for new energy to come in to assist you along your path of discovery. I can help you clearly notice your opportunities for change and how to maximize your learning moments.

Growth is always possible if you are willing. Through real and honest dialogue, our work together will help usher you along your best path.


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We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about our clearing sessions, teachings or carvings please let us know.